The WHO's Safe Surgery Checklist

 Developed by the WHO and collaborators at the Harvard School of Public Health, this checklist identifies key safety steps during perioperative care that should be accomplished during every single operation no matter the setting or type of surgery.  It has been shown to significantly reduce complications and deaths from surgery.

For more information about the WHO Safe Surgery Saves Lives program, click here.

Press for Global Launch of Checklist, 6/25/08:

- WHO Press Release - HSPH Press Release - New York Times - Independent -
Telegraph - Philippine Daily Inquirer - Jerusalem Post - Seattle Times -
- Seattle Post-Intelligencer  - Belfast TelegraphNursing Times -
- Medical News Today - La Tercera -

Letters of Endorsement:

- American College of Surgeons - American Society of Anesthesiologists -
- Association of periOperative Registered Nurses

- See a Full List of Endorsing Orgnaizations - Become an Endorsing Orgnaization -


Estimation of Potential Cost Savings in the US

If the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist is implemented in all operating rooms across the United States, the potential cost-savings from the prevention of major complications is estimated to be $15 to $25 billion.  For more details click here.

WHO Brochure

An introduction to the Checklist and the WHO's Second Global Patient Safety Challenge: the Safe Surgery Saves Lives campaign.


This document provides answers to some frequently asked questions about the Checklist and its implementation.  Ready to get started?  Click on the "Implementation Materials" tab at the top of this page for more information on how to spread the Checklist to your institution and
click here to register as a participating hospital.